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Refractive Surgery ("LASIK") is a very popular procedure for many individuals with vision impairment. Dr. Camp trained in refractive surgery in his residency at Vanderbilt University and also worked closely in private practice in Colorado with the co-founder of the LASIK procedure.

Tahoe Sierra Eye & Optical currently offers LASIK, as well as a slight variant of the LASIK procedure, called LASEK.

LASIK involves making a thick flap in the middle of the cornea called the stroma, folding it back and then using the excimer laser to reshape the bed of tissue before putting the flap back. By staying on the surface with LASEK and removing the top layer which grows back in about 5 days, treating the stroma with the same excimer laser and then replacing the flap has less serious risks associated with it.

Appropriate pain medications will be given.

There are differences in treatments given. Dr. Camp uses the VISX S4 laser including Custom Cornea/Wavefront treatment. This is combined with the LASEK procedure which Dr. Camp feels is safer in the long run than doing LASIK. The reason for this is to reduce the rate of serious complications with a permanent cornea flap.

Combine your LASEK procedure with a LipiFlow treatment prior to having LASEK. Read more about this in the Dry Eye section.

Star S4 IR System

Star S4 IR System

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